The Benefits of Lasik, as Explained by Dr. Gerald Horn

Dr. Gerald Horn

October 28, 2020

Dr. Gerald Horn Explains the Many Benefits of the Lasik Refractive Surgery

Lasik is a form of eye surgery that has been available for decades. The refractive eye surgery is designed to offer a solution for myopia or nearsightedness. The simple surgery can be done in-office so that a person can improve their vision almost immediately. Dr. Gerald Horn, an ophthalmologist who has performed over 86,000 Lasik procedures, discusses the various benefits.

As a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Gerald Horn has spent most of his career focused on laser vision correction surgery. Is considered to be not only one of the top Lasik surgeons in Illinois but also a leader within the field of laser refractive surgery.

One of the main benefits that Dr. Gerald Horn shares about Lasik is that it often allows a person to regain 20/20 vision or better quickly, often within 24 hours of having the surgery. While everyone is different, and there are surgical risks, a high % of patients who get Lasik find that they have better vision even within a day of the procedure.

Dr. Gerald HornDr. Gerald Horn also explains that typically the surgery can totally eliminate the need for distance eyeglasses or contacts. Serious complications are rare, but not without some degree of risk. Being a good candidate and following instructions are important to the best outcome. A person can, thanks to the modern technology of laser vision correction, often have a result allowing them to simply wake up every morning and “see their alarm clock”, with unaided laser corrected vision allowing them to drive and function normally in their daily life.

As a person ages, there is always the possibility small shifts in their vision may occur, or reading becomes poor without glasses, a condition that if yes about the mid 40’s known as presbyopia. Enhancement procedures to further correct may be an option in these cases. There are greater potential vision quality benefits that result from evolving technology and the greater level of surgeon experience available today compared to when he started in 1997, Dr. Horn notes. Numbing drops are used so that the Lasik procedure is for most a short, well tolerated procedure. Dr. Gerald Horn notes there are risks, such as persistent dryness or other rare complications, but for the vast majority results are excellent. 

As a Lasik surgeon who has performed the procedure on over 80,000 eyes, he has witnessed the joy it brings to so many, but notes that there are rare complications or unexpected challenges that occur where experience can matter. It is not unusual for him to have treated a husband and or wife, and now the next generation, their children when they come of age. 

Dr. Gerald Horn explains that Lasik surgery is not for everyone, and finds about 90% are good candidates. A very large range of prescriptions are treatable, however scanning technology of the cornea and other testing may identify potential corneal weakness or other abnormality. By sitting down to talk to your doctor after a Lasik exam you can learn whether you are a candidate and more about the risks. Laser vision correction has become one of the most common elective procedures today, having been performed on millions worldwide over the past 20+ years.