Dr. Gerald Horn Highlights the Benefits of Breinfuel

Dr. Gerald Horn

April 18, 2021


Breinfuel is a disruptive product that delivers caffeine and healthy nutrients for improved human performance, according to its creator, Dr. Gerald Horn.


Dr. Gerald Horn is an ophthalmologist who has performed more than 90,000 LASIK procedures. He has invented other products to enhance eye health but wanted to explore a more effective way to deliver caffeine benefits to the human body. Thus, Breinfuel was born.


According to Dr. Gerald Horn, he wanted to be as scientifically sound as possible. In developing Breinfuel, he tried to find a way to stimulate the body with caffeine while eliminating oxidative stress accompanying coffee consumption. In his efforts to find a better fuel source than coffee, Dr. Gerald Horn landed on the following ingredients: green coffee bean extract, caffeine blend, MCT oil, collagen, vitamin C, beetroot, creatine, and other healthy nutrients.


Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses How Breinfuel Works

To produce Breinfuel, manufacturers apply low heat to green coffee beans. This method releases antioxidants and beneficial compounds and avoids the toxic side effects of roasting coffee. A proprietary “Fuel Blend” optimizes brain and body performance more efficiently than coffee.


Breinfuel’s “antioxidant blend” blasts your body with ten times the required doses of Vitamins C and E. This energizes cytoplasm and cell membranes to protect your cells from oxidative stress. Everyone from couch potatoes to highly regimented workout enthusiasts can benefit from this performative, better-for-you beverage, says Dr. Horn.


Breinfuel Has a Life-Changing Impact, According to Dr. Gerald Horn

Many people drink energy drinks, nootropics, coffee, and other beverages to boost their energy levels. The specially blended ingredients in Breinfuel change how your body processes and uses caffeine. Dr. Gerald Horn urges everyone who wants to get the most out of their day to try Breinfuel and note the difference in their energy levels.


Mothers, athletes, students, and medical practitioners use Breinfuel to stay alert without the massive crash associated with coffee consumption. An advocate of cerebral beverages that deliver more than carbonation and sugar, Dr. Horn hopes to offer Breinfuel to everyone who can benefit from it. Check out this alternative beverage at breinfuel.com.


Dr. Gerald Horn is an accomplished Ophthalmologist at LasikPlus in Chicago. Besides his medical accomplishments, he is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to bringing science-based products to modern consumers. Dr. Horn has several products under review by the Food and Drug Administration. He lives in Deerfield, IL, where he loves spending time with his three children and two grandchildren.