Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the Progress of a New Presbyopia Treatment from Presbyopia Therapies

Dr. Gerald Horn

October 15, 2020

Dr. Gerald Horn, the Founder of Presbyopia Therapies, Announces Progress on a New Presbyopia Treatment

Impacting more than 1.8 billion people across the world, presbyopia is one of the most common vision concerns. The good news is that there might be new treatment options available for this condition soon. Traditionally, the treatment of this condition has involved laser therapy and other invasive options. Now, it appears that there might be a new treatment option available. Dr. Gerald Horn is the founder of Presbyopia Therapies and his company has been working very hard to develop a new treatment option that involves eye drops. Recently, the company announced that this treatment was getting closer to reaching the open market.

Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the New Presbyopia Treatment, PRX-100

Dr. Gerald Horn and Presbyopia Therapies have developed a new treatment option that involves eye drops, called PRX-100, instead of lasers, providing a new potential treatment option for presbyopia. This solution is designed to cause a significant constriction of the pupil itself, termed miosis, without having to use pilocarpine. In this manner, individuals might be able to enjoy a meaningful improvement in their visual focus in a matter of minutes. The option to avoid laser therapies and go with eye drops instead represents a significant shift in the manner in which this condition would be treated. Dr. Gerald Horn and Presbyopia Therapies recently announced the results of a new clinical trial.

Dr. Gerald Horn

Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the Results of the Most Recent Clinical Study

In order to test the efficacy of PRX-100 eye drops, Dr. Gerald Horn and Presbyopia Therapies designed a randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study. The results of the study showed that one hour after the installation of either PRX-100 or the placebo, subjects who received PRX-100 showed statistically significantly greater improvement in their vision when compared to the placebo. These are the results that Dr. Gerald Horn wanted to see. This means that PRX-100 is performing well and showed an ability to help people improve their vision in a controlled, clinical setting. Therefore, these powerful eye drops have inched one step closer to reaching the open market.

Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the Future of Presbyopia Treatment

With so many people suffering from presbyopia, it is clear that new treatment options are required. This is where trained professionals, such as Dr. Gerald Horn, are stepping up to fill the void. With new treatment options getting closer to reaching the open market, it will be interesting to see if this changes the way this condition is addressed. With Dr. Gerald Horn leading the way, this treatment could provide millions of people all over the United States with new treatment options for this common condition. It could have the potential to improve the quality of life of people everywhere.