Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses Novel Tear Induction Therapies as a Treatment Option for Ocular Health Problems

Dr. Gerald Horn

December 8, 2020

Tear Induction Therapies from Ocular Health Professionals such as Dr. Gerald Horn Provide a Number of Eye Health Benefits


There are a number of reasons why people might seek the care of an eye health professional such as Dr. Gerald Horn. In addition to regular eye exams and treatment for nearsightedness and farsightedness, some people might suffer from something called a dry eye. When someone suffers from dry eyes, their eyes are not producing enough tears. This can damage the structures of the surrounding eye and lead to serious discomfort. The good news is that with the help of a trained professional, it is possible to stimulate the tear ducts of the eyes to produce more liquid. This could improve the quality of life of people everywhere. 


Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the Symptoms of Dry Eye

First, it is important for everyone to listen to a trained eye doctor such as Dr. Gerald Horn so that they know some of the most common symptoms of dry eyes. First, individuals who suffer from dry eyes might notice burning, stinging, or a scratchy sensation in their eyes. It is also possible that individuals with this condition could suffer from eye redness as well as eye sensitivity to light. Finally, individuals who suffer from this condition might also notice stringy mucus that develops in or around their eyes. Dry eyes could lead to difficulty wearing contact lenses as well as issues driving at night. 

Dr. Gerald Horn

Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the Current Treatment Options for Those with Dry Eye

Individuals with dry eyes have a number of treatment options that ocular health professionals such as Dr. Gerald Horn might discuss. Dr. Gerald Horn sometimes uses artificial tears to help people with dry eyes. Artificial tears are drops that people place in their eyes to replace the lost liquid that the eyes should produce. In some cases, people might suffer from dry eyes due to a blocked tear duct. There might be ways to open this tear duct and reverse this condition. Dr. Gerald Horn has also played a role in the development of emerging tear induction therapies as well.


Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses Emerging Tear Induction Therapy Options for Dry Eye

Dr. Gerald Horn has played a critical role in the development of a pharmaceutical startup called Aqus, which has focused on the development of new tear induction therapies. For a long time, the treatment of dry eye has focused on tear replacement. The goal of Aqus and tear induction therapies from Dr. Gerald Horn is to find ways to produce long-lasting tear replacement therapies that will not require the patient to keep placing drops in their eyes. Aqus has come up with a number of treatment options that could change the way this condition is treated.