Breinfuel Inventor Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses His New Performance Beverage

Dr. Gerald Horn

April 18, 2021

Breinfuel Inventor Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses His New Performance Beverage


Dr. Gerald Horn, ophthalmologist, and pharmaceutical entrepreneur, recently appeared on This Is It TV to discuss his exciting new product, Breinfuel.


Caffeine is a stimulant yet most products on the market fall short of the support it requires to work best. Breinful has four unique blends that support the metabolism of caffeine in our view far better than even coffee or tea – like the best of coffee + where the bean would evolve to to work best, all without the toxicity of the roast. This changes your caffeine experience profoundly, according to Dr. Gerald Horn.


Breinfuel starts with a caffeine blend that includes green unroasted coffee beans and green tea leaf extracts. It fuels metabolism powerfully with a very low glycemic (glucose red Re) elevation using a glucose lower sugar that your body naturally makes D-ribose, plus collagen in easily digestible units and medium chain triglycerides for great shirt, medium, and long range fuel support.  It harnesses powerful antioxidants even beyond those in its coffee and tea extracts.


The brain is highly sensitive to oxidative stress, using 20% of our daily oxygen consumption, yet is only 2% of our body weight even before high stimulation is triggered. Only one weak brain pathway neutralizes oxidative stress, and once it’s overcome that may contribute to the brain fog and crash of so many caffeine products, says Dr. Gerald Horn. Breinfuel adds vitamin C, E, and beet root’s potent betacyanin antioxidant pigment, L-Theanine, zinc, and creatine, shown to facilitate more efficient energy conversion in the brain and body.


These ingredients have all been individually studied and shown to support brain function. But the way they interact together and appear  to support cognitive super performance that is long lasting was a surprise, since in his experience it remains long after caffeine levels drop. A 100 subject study is about to begin to study six cognitive variables comparing Breinfuel to placebo.


Dr. Gerald Horn Explains the Ideal Time to Drink Brienfuel

Dr. Gerald Horn was inspired to develop Breinfuel to sustain his performance beyond his surgery day  well into the evening. As a busy LASIK surgeon, he often would come home too tired to socialize or focus on his family and other interests after dinner. He wondered if a performance beverage could deliver stimulation and nutrients his body could better respond to and keep him alert for prolonged periods. His journey led him to the ingredients that evolved into Breinfuel, that to his delight left equally busy colleagues with similar experiences.


According to Dr. Horn, simply drink a 12 oz serving of Breinfuel about an hour before you need your brain to be absolutely “on”. If you’re caffeine sensitive – the 5% that metabolize it slowly – you might try sipping half the first time. Many drinking Breinfuel daily have suggested a cumulative benefit, feeling better, waking up more alert,  more ready to seize their day. Typically you’ll notice it’s benefits most dramatically if you have to perform at high levels and particularly need to stay mentally sharp for long periods of the day. So, while you can drink it before you sit for an exam, play poker, even run a marathon or deliver an important presentation at work, drinking it daily leaves you ready for whatever comes your way, supporting those who desire to be high performers.


Why Breinfuel Is a Superior Nootropic Drink per Dr. Gerald Horn

Nootropic drinks are designed to enhance cognitive ability. Caffeine can have positive impacts on cognitive function for short periods but your brain “sputters” – that wired hard to think effect and crash when your caffeine signal outstripsyour metabolic ability to respond to

It. In addition coffee is typically roasted, releasing toxins known as acrylamides and PAH’, and the heat may reduce the effect of some of its beneficial compounds. However, Brainfuel uses green coffee beans, tea, and much more without heat to get the full impact of coffee’s ability to stimulate and enhance performance. Nootropics that utilize caffeine are typically limited to capsules. Breinfuel’s four “nootropic stacked blends” take a full serving of 12 oz to give you maximum benefit.


One of Breinfuel’s four blends supports your brain and body with a high amount of Vitamins C and E and other added antioxidants. Under higher levels of brain stimulation these antioxidants may be needed to “take a bullet for the team” and reduce any oxidative stress that breaks through natural antioxidant mechanisms. Oxidative stress can result in lower cognitive function, neurodegeneration, elevated cortisol and glucose levels and possibly insulin resistance – all while you need to be functioning at your best, says Dr. Gerald Horn.


Breinfuel’s ingredients help your body utilize caffeine in the short, medium, and long term. This allows you to benefit from the positive impacts of caffeine for an extended period and its other blends even beyond that. Dr. Gerald Horn told viewers on This Is It TV in a recent interview.


Dr. Gerald Horn is an Ophthalmologist who has helped thousands of patients recover their vision at LasikPlus in Chicago. He invented the leading eye whitener licensed to Bausch Health Care sold under the name Lumify. As a physician and serial entrepreneur he tries to apply scientific concepts to create useful products that boost health and wellness. Dr. Gerald Horn lives in Deerfield, IL, and uses Breinfuel to enrich his life and stay super active and productive. He is married 34 years, has three  children, two grandchildren, a Lasik career, and three pharmaceutical startups in various phases from licensed to FDA phase 2 and 3 trials. BREINFUEL boosts his energy levels especially for his favorite pastime – spending time with his amazing two granddaughters.