How Breinfuel, Created by Dr. Gerald Horn, is a truly Better-for-You Beverage

Dr. Gerald Horn

November 3, 2020

Dr. Gerald Horn

Breinfuel is the Performance Beverage We’ve Been Waiting For

Dr. Gerald HornA number of beverages are created for a singular purpose; they claim to boost energy, offer a higher level of amino acids with caffeine, or simply target an audience with marketing. However, many of which—if not most—fail to offer any sort of consequential health benefit. Dr. Gerald Horn, an ophthalmologist and pharmaceutical scientist based in Illinois, has committed his 40+ year career to maximizing the health benefits of modern science and medicine, and has been witness to the bombardment of consumers by a bloated beverage industry that fails to offer a purposed drink with any sustainable benefits. It’s why he focused on disrupting the beverage status quo, ultimately creating Breinfuel.

Dr. Gerald Horn describes Breinfuel as a cerebral, “better-for-you” beverage, and it’s designed to fuel the brain and body to respond effortlessly with focus, alertness, and productivity. 

ce·​re·​bral | \ sə-ˈrē-brəl | adjective 
1. of or relating to the brain or the intellect; 2. primarily intellectual in nature

There may be a number of reasons why a beverage fails to deliver on its promise, but one is undeniable, according to Dr. Horn: most either offer zero fuel (0 calories) or contain toxic fuel (high-fructose corn syrup). This is why so many drinks cause that undesirable “spike-and-crash” effect. Breinfuel addresses this directly by combining short-, medium- and long-duration fuels that actually stabilize glucose and remain low on the glycemic index.

Dr. Gerald Horn is a pharmaceutical Chief Scientific Officer with a long history of disruptive innovation in drug development. His scientific approach to formulating Breinfuel is about optimization and dosage. Its design harnesses accurate levels of dosing to drive its performance. It is formulated with caffeine utilization safety in mind, while being physiologically beneficial to the energy and performance of the consumer.

Traditionally, energy beverages and alike provide a quick boost followed by a swift drop-off. The instability of the effect prevents any cognitive benefit. Breinfuel allows the brain to respond quickly as its caffeine releases naturally and extends over time. Add to that a potent blend of antioxidants designed to prevent inflammation throughout the body, and you have a beverage working overtime, supplementing mind and body.

The cerebral experience Breinfuel delivers is why Dr. Gerald Horn is so excited about its development. It incorporates what he believes are the best elements from some of the most popular and healthy beverage sectors (energy drinks, coffees and teas, and nootropics) and optimizes them through scientific formulation. Breinfuel offers sustainable energy along with supplemental benefits for the body. 

Breinfuel is planning to launch via E-commerce this fall, targeting those who seek mental focus and cognitive endurance. Breinfuel is for performers—students, entrepreneurs, athletes, anyone simply looking to be at the top of their game.

A number of doctors are already recommending Breinfuel even before it has hit the market. Dr. Kyle Burgers, a LASIK optometrist says, “I was fortunate enough to be an early tester for Breinfuel and I can tell you it’s the real deal. When I drink it I almost immediately feel the energy benefits, giving me mental focus and clarity.”

Breinfuel fills the void set by the limitations of other beverages. It takes the best from them and adds improvements to create a healthy and effective solution. Dr. Gerald Horn’s journey has resulted in a beverage that he feels not only offers true health benefits, but a profound effect on the capacity of both body and brain.